I’m Michael. I’m building a new site to summarise, best I can, what I do. This is it. It is not finished. It may never be. But it’s better than the two pages from aeons ago that it replaces.

I’ve selected some (I think) representative interviews and reviews I’ve written, from a cast of thousands and popped them up for your delectation. Perhaps they collectively hint at an ability to write in English. I can but hope.

Some context, why not… In 1999 I founded a music publication, musicOMH. Plenty of my bylines appear there. I’ve also written articles for BBC News, The Bookseller, Exeunt Magazine and some fairly obscure trade journals. I now work at The Guardian.

On the other side of the fence I’ve authored and edited assorted press releases, programmes, corporate website copy and references for assorted sorts.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by.