Welcome to michael-hubbard.com, the personal website of Michael Hubbard, a person who happens to be me.

I write, edit, publish and speak. There’s a fuller, if informal/incomplete, explanation for all this on the about page, and you can find a tiny selection of interviews and reviews I’ve written down the years, apropos of nowt much, on the interviews and reviews pages respectively. I’m still adding to those.

In fact I’m still adding to this site generally; it’s very new. In time I hope to include more here on the sites I’ve built since first publishing a website in 1995, and adding a blog page to round up assorted thoughts, words and nabbings from around the web. Early days yet, though.

There’s more at various other locations (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn); drop me a line through whichever of these butters your muffin, if you fancy to. Or simply feel free to click about to your heart’s content. Whichever, thanks for stopping by.